Product price change

how do i change a price in infusionsoft for an offer that has ended and is now the higher price

If you need to update the price of a product, you can change it on the product record itself, and then save the product.

If you have the product hosted on an order form, you’d have to also update the price on that specific order form.

Although, next time, if you have a short term promotion, it might make sense to use a discount with a date range to temporarily lower the price and then have it automatically return to the normal retail price once the date range has expired.

Good luck!

Thank you

Greg Jenkins, is this still valid? I need to change a shipping fee for my free plus shipping funnel, can I just change at the product level and it won’t affect past sales?

That is my understanding - but you can double check with Infusionsoft Support if you’re second guessing yourself.


Yes, any sales already made will NOT be effected by a change to the product…only future sales of that product are effected.