My API stopped working

We have an application (MACRA Monitor) which periodically sends information to Infusionsoft. When the info arrives, a campaign is kicked off which creates a contact, and applies some tags.

Recently (well, several months ago), the API stopped working. I don’t know where to proceed from here. We have checked MACRA Monitor, and it is still doing what it always has done. However, whenever it sends the API string to Influsionsoft, MACRA Monitor receives a Something Went Wrong error.

@Jay_Fisher would you be able to provide any additional technical detail? Do you have any error codes/messages? What “API string” are you referring to? Which Infusionsoft APIs does your application use? The more info you might be able to provide would be of great help!

Fair enough … hard to solve technical questions via telepathy, so I’ll try a bit of data …

MACRA Monitor is not at all related to marketing. It is a cloud-based compliance software tool. When a new user is added into MACRA Monitor, it pushes content (first name, last name, e-mail address) to Infusionsoft, at where the MACRA Monitor user became an Infusionsoft contact, and then (through a separate campaign) converted to a Customer Hub member.

For over a year, this worked wonderfully. Infusionsoft received the data, and kicked off a campaign triggered by an API Goal. That campaign did everything it was supposed to do.

Recently I noticed two things:

  1. Users were no longer being added in Infusionsoft as Contacts. It appears that the campaign to create Infusionsoft contacts was not being triggered.
  2. In MACRA Monitor, we started getting a “something went wrong” error when adding new users. We thought it was due to a problem in MACRA Monitor, but my developers today told me the SWW error is being caused when pushing data to Infusionsoft. He believes something has changed on the Infusionsoft end.

Although I just noticed these errors recently, I went back to some older data, and have found that it has been several months since it has worked. There has been no change in the campaign triggered by the API (to my knowledge).

Does that help?

It would be helpful to know what api calls are failing, and what their payloads might look like.

HI, Brad - thanks for responding. I’m not really technical enough to understand the question. How do I find out? Where do I open a page in Infusionsoft to find this?

@Jay_Fisher If possible, could you have your developers or the MACRA Monitor folks join our conversation here so we can provide more technical help, directly?

Sure! Would a phone call be the most efficient way?

I’m happy to pay for some time, if that is what I need. My guess is that this is a quick fix, since it has worked in the past, and we have not changed anything in MACRA Monitor. I suspect something changed in the URL we send to InfusionSoft - - MACRA Monitor generates a “Something Went Wrong” error when it pushes this URL

Hi @Jay_Fisher, This sounds like we would need to loop in the person that originally wrote the integration that has recently stopped working. I am not familiar with MACRA, but it doesn’t look like is currently registered to anyone? Can you reach out to the person you originally worked with to setup the integration and let us know if they are aware of any issues?

At the current time, I am not aware of any outstanding issues or downtime for the Infusionsoft API.

Ah!! I allowed that domain to expire with Godaddy, because I didn’t think we were using it anywhere! Does this mean I’m back to the very beginning with my integration?

Gotcha, that will do it. Hmm, good question, but I am afraid I can’t really give a solid answer. I believe if you were hosting those files on Godaddy, they might keep them around for some time, if not I would try reaching out to them to see if they can pull a backup to restore the files. If you used Godaddy just for the domain and not hosting, you would want to reach out to the party who was responsible for hosting the files.

Ok, I checked and Godaddy does not have the content any more. I found the guys who did the work a couple years ago, and they don’t have it any more either … and are willing to re-do, but they only sell their work in 20 hour blocks (back when they did it, I had a bunch of other stuff for them to do as well). They admitted this would be considerably less than that. So I may be back to square 1. Not sure if it is worth the cost to re-do.

Sorry to hear @Jay_Fisher, I would imagine one of our partners on the marketplace may be able to help you without needing to charge for such a big block of time. I would recommend checking it out.