Regarding Not able to Add a tag

Hi Team,

I am using the THIS sdk to add tag, updates contacts etc in infusionsoft

I am successfully able to add a tag, contact record, for one of my infusionsoft account but when I change the secret key and URL for a client’s account, i am not able to add a tag or create a contact record.

Can someone help out on this?


Hey @Sunny_Gajjar I am not very familiar with this sdk myself, are you using oauth2 or the legacy api key? It sounds like you may be using the legacy api key? If that is the case, I recommend checking the application admin settings in the app where you cannot add the contact to see if there are any “allowed ip’s”. You should be able to access the admin settings at: https://{yourApplication} you will just need to replace “yourApplication” with your app name. If there is a list of allowed ip’s in that application, you will either a) want to add your ip where these requests will be coming from or b) clear the list of ip’s if they are not necessary.

Hi Carios, Thank you for the reply. The IP section is blank signifying it is allowing all IP’s. I think I had verified that part. Any other troubleshooting?

@Sunny_Gajjar If you are using the legacy api key, this should work. There shouldn’t be any user permission issues to worry about. Are you updating the tag id’s in the call to match the destination application? Have you tried debugging or stepping through the call that is giving you trouble? I would also advise testing the raw xml in something like postman just to be sure it is not a problem with the api key or application.

Hey Sunny,

I’m one of the devs that maintains the Novak Solutions Infusinsoft SDK (also a partner at Novak Solutions). If you can post the error message that you are getting when you switch the app name and API key for the second app, then I can help you find the problem.

If you are trying to interact with two separate Infusionsoft apps within the same script, then in order to change apps, you have to instantiate a new Infusionsoft_App class with the new app name and api key and pass in that instantiated class to the API calls that you make so that the SDK sends the request to the correct app.