Multiple form submission issues

Hello Infusionsofters, I’m hoping you clever people can help me…

We are having issues with form submission, both internal and web forms.

Firstly, I should note the nature of our business is service and we offer multiple trades.

Sometimes a customer calls the call centre and books multiple jobs. For example: A customer may want to book a plumber on Wed at 7:00am and an electrician of Friday at 12pm. We use internal and external forms (on our intranet) in the call centre to send job confirmation emails.

However, I am trying to figure out a way in which a CSR can fill out a form twice and not have it override the previous submission - so that the customer receives two separate confirmation emails with relevant booking details on each. Currently, the issue is that the customer either only receives 1 confirmation email, or receives 2 with the same details.

  • I have drafted a new campaign I am yet to test, which has separate fields for separate job bookings. e.g. Job Booking 1 details, Job Booking 2 details etc. This information is then put into one confirmation email - this is the only workaround I have come up with.

Also, our CSR’s are getting complaints that customers are receiving 2 confirmation emails (for one job booking) despite the CSR only filling out and submitting the form once. Is this a glitch? The CSR’s have assured me they aren’t clicking the button twice.

Thank you!

Hm, this one is a bit tougher… You may want to reach out to our support team on this, as they would want to gather some specific examples, to check against server logs. We are not currently experiencing any issues surrounding forms double posting, which means there may be an underlying issue that our support team would be happy to try to look into. If you can come up with some specific contact examples where this has happened, please feel free to share these with the support team, as they have some steps to run through to try to gather specific data to help pinpoint potential issues. If you have some examples, please share these with our support team via chat or giving us a ring at 1-866-800-0004 Ext 2.

I hadn’t heard of any issues surrounding forms potentially double posting, and wasn’t able to pull any reports in our recent support cases, so sharing any examples with the support team that you might have would be beneficial.

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Thanks James,

I will get on to support regarding the multiple submissions - I have a feeling it might be a problem with the browser or perhaps they are hitting save one too many times out of frustration as upon testing it does take some time to load to submission screen…

I am still trying to figure out a way to send my multiple job booking confirmations. Essentially I’m looking for hack that allows me to fill out a form more than once and it doesn’t override what was there previously, and without creating duplicate records… if that makes sense?

As I described above, some customers want to book multiple jobs and this is done through the same form.


Not sure if this has been resolved. You are on the right track assigning 2 different custom fields aligning to the appointment. I would assign one per service to keep it clean as to what the service is and to eliminate overwrite vulnerability. ie: Plumbing Apt & Electrical Apt. In your campaign and on CSR form submission, I would assign timers to delay 3-5 minutes so that the submissions assigned to the custom field populate, then in a single email utilizing each custom field, send out a single confirmation email detailing each appointment.

ie: This is a reminder that your home service(s) have been scheduled.

We have our team scheduled for the following date and service(s):
~PlumbingService~ ~PlumbingService.Date~ ~PlumbingService.Time~
~ElectricanService~ ~ElectricianService.Date~ ~ElectricianService.Time~

Here are a few items you’ll need to know for the appointment(s):
~PlumbingService~ ~PlumbingService.Instruction~ ~PlumbingService.Technician~
~ElectricanService~ ~ElectricianService.Instruction~ ~ElectricianService.Technician~

Of course, you may not want to use up the variety of custom fields displayed in this example, but I wanted to give you an idea of flexibility to help you organize. Hope this helps.

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