2 forms in the same url

How to insert more than 1 form into a single url? I have a page where I place the html form code of infusionsoft. But I need to insert 2 forms, that is, 2 codes on the same page. But when I enter 1 the other one is erased. I do not want anything complex. Only the same name and email form appear at the beginning and end of the page. They are independent forms. That is, the prospectus need not complete the two forms. Just want to give more than one option in different places so that it can fill. How can i do it?

I think that would have to be custom coded. The reason is that having two forms on the same page creates fields with the same id’s. That doesn’t work. So the only way to get around that is to code the id’s uniquely for each of the forms. That then makes the forms not function as IS intends them to and would need to have code that sends the right information to IS from which ever form is submitted.

You can try wrapping each form within it’s own “<form…” tags but I think the same problem of duplicate field id’s will present itself.