Move data from one field to another

I am wondering if there is a way to move data from one field to another. More specifically, I want to move a date entered in one field to another date field.

We have a membership system and also have an offer for loyal customers (exported from a list in another system, no API) to receive a free upgrade of their membership at the expiry of their existing.

To do this, I have set up custom fields where the free membership start and end dates are entered - so as not to override the existing membership. However, once the existing membership expires, I would like the free one to start - so, I need the start & end date of the free membership to move to the start & end date of existing membership field.

Hope that makes sense. Anyone have any ideas?


So I’m not sure you can, out of the box, do that directly, but I believe that you can set a field to the current date as soon as the membership expires using the set field value widget in campaign builder.

You can use Novak Solutions Campaign Tools for this. We have a tool called “Copy Field” that will do just this for you. You can sign up and use this tool for free.

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