Managing Sales Teams (Wiki)

I decided to split up the “Managing Sales Teams With Opportunities” pro-tip guide into two separate guides: “Managing Sales Teams” and “Working Opportunities.”

I’m also going to ditch the “Pro-Tip” brand and just make it a public wiki that any Regular community member can add to. One of the most important aspects of a community is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and ideas, and making a wiki just makes sense.

Use Case

Creating a “Sales Team” in Infusionsoft is only necessary for businesses that:

  • Have multiple sales teams, each having a sales manager who needs to track and report on their team’s progress. For example, a large sales organization may have regional sales teams that need to be managed and tracked separately.
  • In the example of regional sales teams, there are separate lead distribution rules that need to exist. For example, any new leads coming from California, need to be distributed to the West Coast - US sales team, any coming from West Virginia need to go to the East Coast - US sales team, etc…

Most small business do not have a large sales organization, so the Sales Team feature may not be necessary for you. In fact, if you only have one team and one manager, you’ll be just fine without the complexity of creating a Sales Team in Infusionsoft.


If creating “Sales Teams” does fit your use-case, here is how you would set them up in Infusionsoft:

  1. First, make sure you’ve invited all of your Sales Reps as users in your Infusionsoft account
  2. Secondly, make sure that every sales rep and sales manager are in the “Sales Rep” permission group (this allows the user to view and be assigned opportunity records)
  3. Go to Admin > Settings
  4. Click on Teams on the left
  5. Click Create Team
  6. Add a Team Name (i.e, East Coast)
  7. The column to the left is where you choose the Team Manager(s)
  8. The column on the right is where you choose the Sales Reps.
    8, Click Save
  9. When the page refreshes, it will show you the total number of people on the sales team you just created


Now that you have your sales teams set up in Infusionsoft, here are the options you will have:

  • When assigning leads via round robin, you can limit specific leads to a certain sales team.
  • When a sales manager sets up their dashboard, they will be able to view only leads that are assigned to themselves and the sales reps they manage. The sales reps will only see records that are assigned to them (by default.)

This seems over the top for a CRM that has difficulty with B2B sales. Wish they fixed Company and subcompany first.