Manage Email Status from Email/Social

After sending a request manually to have Customer Confirm their email status and they respond positively (envelop change to green) is there a way to capture this response to apply a tag or action?

Right after the confirmation add a sequence and add whatever tags you want in there. The ā€œConfirm Emailā€ is a Link Click Goal that will trigger the automation behind it.

I understand what you said. However it is from this area that I am asking when I send the option to confirm and it is confirmed how can I access this change to use this information

There are ā€˜email status automationā€™ triggers you can set from inside the Marketing - Setting section, but they only address ā€˜unengaged marketableā€™, ā€˜unengaged non-marketableā€™ and ā€˜opt-outā€™ statuses.

The only way I know of would be to, instead of sending your confirmation request from right here, set up a super-quick campaign that is simply sends the opt-in request and then put that sequence, as I mentioned, behind it.

Iā€™m not aware of a feature that automates anything once someone opts in.

Open to suggestions from others ā€¦.


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Jeff, thank you. I truly respect your response and suggestion. If no one else a suggestion I will do what you suggest. It would have been very handy to be able to use the automatic response to trigger something else i.e campaign, tag etc.

What @Jeff_Arnold explained is correct, @Dr_Ralph_Boyce.