Automatically either confirm emails directly or send the confirmation email request


My colleagues and I use InfusionSoft for all sorts of task from marketing to subscription renewals and therefore need a reliable way to communicate with our clients via email.
Unfortunately, currently when clients are added to the database, their email is unconfirmed and therefore any campaign relying on emails will not function as intended, since the emails will not be sent.

Therefore I am looking for a way to:

  • Either set the status of emails as confirmed directly
    I could include a tickbox in our web forms “I confirm that I accept to receive emails from [company]”, which is the default setup on most websites on the internet.
  • Or automatically send the confirmation email request
    I implemented that myself right now by having a tag added to the client when the web form is filled which triggers a campaign that sends the confirmation email. I had to use another tag to keep track of whether the confirmation email request was already sent or not, otherwise when the confirmation email request is sent a second time the email address gets unverified, which is really annoying and not ideal.

In the web form options, there is also an option in the “Action” tab named “Email confirmation request” that might help me accomplishing what I want, but unfortunately I cannot set this thing up. It only tells me “No options available”, I cannot edit anything.

Ensuring good communication via email is of the utmost importance for us, please advise me on how to get emails confirmed in InfusionSoft.

Have a good day.


Starting at the beginning, how are clients added to your app? Through a third party system like landing page builder from unbounce or click funnels etc? From a wordpress page/form that is linked with IS?

Which webforms are you using and is that currently being embedded in a form outside of IS or is there another method you’re using and would like to use the webform approach?

How contacts get into your app in the first place will help to answer how to get them to register as being opted in (unconfirmed is the term you’ll see when they do).

In the specific case that I am trying to solve right now, the clients are added from an IS Web Form embedded on a website.
I have built this web form using the tool on InfusionSoft available in Marketing / Legacy / View Web Froms.
However, I would like to find a solution so clients’ emails are verified automatically independently of how they are added to the database (from a web form, by adding clients manually, etc…).

Currently, when a client fills the form with their name, email, and post code, a new client is added to the database and their email is in status “unconfirmed”.
However my colleagues reported having problems when communicating using unconfirmed email.
For example, some emails sent from other campaigns don’t seem to be sent when the email is unconfirmed instead of verified, which is why I am trying to get the emails either verified by default or automate the process of sending the email verification request.

This would be a different issue then. Unconfirmed is a single optin and is considered marketable. Meaning, there isn’t anything about the status that would prevent sending email. IS has been having some issues with delivering emails lately. It may be that you’re caught in the middle of that. I would, knowing this, get in touch with support so they can look on their servers for the success/failure of specific email attempts.

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