Lead Generation Form with Question

I’m trying to create a call to action for one of my self-hosted landing pages.
With the name and email, I also want to add a paragraph-style textarea for the user to ask a question.

What is the best way to create a lead generation form with this, and store the users question in their record on Infusionsoft?

In case it helps, I am running a WordPress site. I have the Infusionsoft Official Opt-in Forms plugin installed, and I am using it elsewhere on the same page for another lead-generation popup.

Can someone tell me how to generate a simple form - either on page or as a popup/modal - which enables the user to ask a question, whilst also giving their email/name for us to respond to.

Thank you

The Opt-In forms doesn’t permit the user of Text Area fields – they only permit name/email.

If you are using WordPress, I’d suggest Gravity Forms and the Gravity Forms Infusionsoft plugin (there are 2 on the market). They are unofficial. One has not been updated for years (but still works – I use it on my sites), and the other is newer and I have not personally tested, but have heard others really like it.

With those, you can build whatever fields you want to capture and feed into Infusionsoft.

Hope that helps.


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Jeff - many thanks for that.
I’ll look into the Gravity Forms option.

Best wishes