Lead forwarding after form submission

Hello folks,

I have an odd problem with Infusionsoft. I’ve built a simple lead generation tool to collect form submissions and forward them to the appropriate email for processing.

I’m using an Infusionsoft form, that I embed on our website. As the form is completed and submitted, Infusionsoft should forward it to the appropriate email.

The problem is, even though Infusionsoft should forward the lead directly, it only sends SOME without any obvious pattern.

I’m attaching screenshots of my setup. Perhaps you will be able to find where I’m getting it wrong.


Thank you for all your help!

I can’t see what’s in your ‘disrepair contact form’, but it isn’t connected to anything, so nothing is being triggered automatically based on that form submission. If you have tags triggering things, then that’s a different scenario, but from what you’ve sent, nothing is happening with the ‘disrepair’ form.


Yes, the disrepair form is evaluated via tags before forwarding the message. You can see them in the first screenshot.

However, the deposit and general forms are wired directly and those are not functioning properly as I described. Screenshots 2 and 3 show the sequence and email that are connected to the deposit form.