Last confirmation check before sending email

I find it sooo delicate when you are scheduling several emails to be sent at later dates! Sometimes the email is sent inmediately and I don’t understand what I did wrong! Maybe I clicked on the calendar before clicking on the send later button… or changed the time before the date! … and bang… the email programmed for a week later is sent and gone… that is a terrible sensation as you may imagine. Other platforms like Mailchimp or Aweber have last confirmation button before sending or scheduling. Please I find that very important. Is there anyway that can be integrated into infusionsoft? or any other suggestions?

Thank you


Hi, Sandra,

I’m not sure how much demand has been generated for this as a feature but the best way to “add your name in the hat” for it is to use the feature request url that IS has just for things like this:

Thank you John,

I commented this with the chat help and they told me the same. I wrote to tellus but never got reply. That’s why I thought to come here to see if others had same problem or it’s just me :wink:


Hi, @Enrique_San_Juan,

In the specific case of /tellus, I don’t believe they actually reply. I realize that this would lack a certain confirmation that they have heard from you but I think it was put together as a quick and ‘dirty’ way to allow people to make suggestions like you have.

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