Landing Page vs. Web Form

I’m struggling with the decision between using a landing page or a web form for my event sign-up. Does anyone know where I can see the pros and cons of each? So far, I’m not really seeing a difference in what I can do with them.

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Well, I would love to hear some feedback from our other community members, in terms of the pros and cons, but, Landing Pages are designed more for a ‘page’ feel, meaning you can put information on your landing page about your events. Videos and Images can also be put on here in a format that resembles a web page, hence ‘landing page’.

Webforms have very similar abilities, but it is more of a vertical format, including the form, and then is usually embedded on a site.

Landing pages are more for if you would just like to direct someone to an infusionsoft hosted page, that can share content on a nice, formatted, full page.

A Webform, in your example, would be more beneficial if you wanted to create your own ‘landing page’ on your website, and then just embed the form on it.

Again, I would love to see what others recommend, and have to say on this.

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Web forms are meant to be a more flexible form with options such as links to documents, tutorials, links to forums and the like.

A landing page is a specialized and very specific type of web form. It intentionally does not give much in terms of options. Some content to generate interest and a call to action…that’s it. The goal is to funnel someone into taking a specific action like opting in or subscribing to a news letter to get them started in the funnel process as a lead or, if all goes really well, make a purchase.


Thank you! You both made it very clear and now I know exactly how I want to use them! Much appreciated!


Hi, in our experience, the web forms are good for how we can tag people based on certain selections, but they are not mobile friendly. For example, this page is a web form built in Infusionsoft and then embedded on our website:
When viewed on mobile - unless it is a newer/larger screen - it is difficult to maneuver. Therefore, we are going to start doing Leadpages for as many of these as we can to solve the problem. Any other advice on this issue is welcome!