Why aren't forms responsive?

I’ve done a search for this topic and I’m very surprised this issue doesn’t come up… As it is, I use javascript forms on my website, however they are NOT responsive. I did a chat with support and he confirmed that the forms are not responsive and a possible workaround would be to manipulate the HTML code. Has anyone dealt with this? I need to know the additional code to use if this is the only solution and I’m very surprised that Infusionsoft is so far behind the curve on something so critical… :frowning:

IS just introduced a new landing page editor during ICON17. It looks promising but I still have to play with it some more. It is mobile responsive. To work with responsive html you would have to wrap everything in table tags and css what you want. So, a landing page is a webform that has a focused purpose but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for webforms.

this is super critical!!! It’s shocking to me that IS can promote itself as the leader in online marketing systems and not have a FULLY RESPONSIVE set of tools!

Responsive design has been a MUST for a few years now, and with “mobile-first” being the design directive across the board, we should not be paying this much for out-dated technology.

When can we expect this to be fixed?

so far i haven’t been able to find a way to use the landing pages for anything other than IS subscription/signups … i can’t remove the sign up box! Is that simply the way it is, or am i looking at this feature from the wrong angle?

I don’t want to send landing pages with a signup box to existing contacts! i want them to buy product… any thoughts or further discoveries at your end with this new feature?

Click on the optin form and then click delete button in lower right