My Website form looks like 2002

Hi Guys,
I’ve made a form type:
“web form submitted”
the design is so old and bad its just awful.
and it’s not fully responsive it looks awful in mobile and in desktop too.
how can I get the good looking form, not these oldie lookings?
are they even available?
and why do I have to ask this here shouldn’t it be the cool good looking default design available as our first choice? it’s 2019…


I totally sympathize, and I agree that it would be much better to have the forms come out-of-the-box with some styling to make them look more modern!

I’m not aware of a way to get it more styled from within the Infusionsoft editor, but when it comes time to put it on your website you’ve got a lot more flexibility. You can style the HTML yourself or get some help from a web developer and make them look much better.

Here’s how to get just the raw HTML that you (or a web developer) can style:

When you’re editing the form, go to the “Code” tab and click on the “HTML Code (unstyled)” radio button. Copy the code you see there, which is what you’ll paste into your website:

There are CSS libraries that make it really easy to make forms look good (and mobile responsive!) when you have the raw HTML generated already by Infusionsoft. One of my favorites is With just a few extra lines of HTML, my default form goes from this:

To this:

I happen to be a web developer, and if you’re looking for more help (or just answered questions!) I’m happy to be a resource.

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Or use FormLift

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Spiffy is a popular Infusionsoft Mobile Order Form creator as well.

I solved the problem by hiring a developer to restyle my forms. Cost was definitely worth it. I used Deenesh Chowdhary an OSU grad, great work and fast. His email is