Landing Page Capabilities

I’m thinking of using the Infusionsoft platform for creating landing pages for my email campaigns. But before I do, I want to make sure that the landing pages have the capabilities I’m looking for. I work for a training company, and there are capabilities that draw in prospects and create online conversions. Does anyone know if Infusionsoft’s landing pages can do, or have the capability of, the following items:

  1. A countdown timer. (“Next class in 22 days, 11 hours, 10 minutes”)

  2. Ability to display a schedule in rows and columns (“8am: Introductions, 9am: How to Greet your Customer”, etc.)

  3. Embed a Google map.

  4. Embed “directions” from Google.

  5. Place images and working buttons be over graphics and photos?

  6. If a data-collecting lead-generation form is placed on the webpage, does Infusionsoft have the capability to transmit “hidden” information? In other words, the prospect types in their name and email address, but when they click “register”, Infusionsoft will also send info like the instructor’s name, the location, etc.

  7. Include videos?

Any input and comments will be very welcome!


Here is a proof-of-concept that includes your requirements.

And yes, you can pass hidden fields.

For the count down timer see this vid: