Better 3rd party landing page builder?

I’ve been on the phone with Infusionsoft landing page builder support for two days going back and forth. The functionality of and ability to format anything in the landing page builder is very amateur. I just lost everything I built simply by pressing ‘Undo’ which replaced my landing page with my Thank You Page for some unknown reason and saved it as that! Lost my landing page which itself had a number of ‘unfixable’ issues.

Since Infusionsoft’s landing page builder is very behind the times, but I still need to be able to track all activity on the landing page, as well as being able to tag, funnel, lead score, etc. anyone who signs up on the landing page, is there 3rd party landing page builder that can be integrated with Infusionsoft and still provide all the tracking/automated abilities I need?

I spent $5,000 getting my web designed and me to Infusionsoft University recently. I can’t say I’m happy I spent that money at this point as I’ve run into a number of issues with the software.

Hi Kris,
My apologies ahead of time if this isn’t the answer you are looking for-

I’ve spent hours researching Landing Pages as they are critical to my business. Just when I was going to pull the trigger with Unbounce, the new landing page builder came out.

Not only does it save me $90.00 per month, but in reality the integration with Infusionsoft is seamless. There’s a few tweaks and a small learning curve, but I’d be willing to help a fellow Infusionsoft person out if there is a particular area your having an issue with. (Our landing page uses double columns, importing URL parameters and hidden fields to move additional information into the contact record).

Hope this helps and relives some frustration

ps…you can see an example of our landing page by going to the below page and clicking the “why no price”.

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