Dynamic countdown timer in emails and landing pages. How?

Is it possible to show a countdown timer in either an infusionsoft email of landing page that shows a deadline based on when they first clicked an email to receive an offer that’s only available for the next 3 days? This would involve the deadline being dynamic and not preset, since the deadline depends on when the button was first clicked to see the offer. Once that time passes they would be redirected to a different page saying that the offer has ended. I’m hoping to find a free solution for this. Most of the free solutions i’ve seen so far want you to enter a deadline date, which I don’t want.

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Plusthis has a countdown feature that can be based on a custom field in the contact record. I know you’re wanting free but plusthis has a million other uses as well.

Have the campaign set the date timer based on when they first clicked then you should be able to have the same timer in multiple places, pulling data from the field.