Dynamic Future Day/Date in Email

Does anyone know of a way to dynamically change a date to a future date based on the user opt-in?

For example…
If [userA] opts in on Monday and I want the email to be [Monday +3days]… “Your video will be released on Thursday”

If [userB] opts in on Tuesday, the email should say [Tuesday + 3days]—“Your video will be released on Friday”?

It would be nice if this same functionality applied to dates as well?


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Interested to read any responses :slight_smile:

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Seems that you may be able to run a simple campaign, with wait timers. Ex: contact opts in, and enters a sequence that starts with a delay timer set to wait 3 days, followed by an email.

But it seems like you need a dynamic message for then after submitting… that will be a bit trickier…

Hey James, the only issue is that I don’t want to send the initial emails :
Day1 - [currentDay +3 days]
Day2- [currentDay +2 days]
Day3- [currentDay +1day]
Day4- “your content is released [currentDay]

This way I can count down the days and have it display dynamic to the person depending on their opt-in day

The delay might work for spacing out the emails a day apart but I don’t know of a way to dynamically change the (current day/date + a shift) in infusionsoft.

I wonder if you may be able to utilize some if these undocumented merge fields…

As you get to the second half of the list there are merge fields for taking a date and adding days to display the way you may want… Take a look


I’m with James, the undocumented merge fields should handle this for you just fine.

But dynamic content is super interesting, this is another video covering a DIFFERENT question, but it may give you some ideas!


Had no idea this existed (I guess, that’s what “undocumented” means…) Thanks! Just saved me a ton of time and potential headache (and heart ache :wink: )

Very helpful Greg.

Setting up a looping Digest email. We will at times have a section that has upcoming announcements. The goal is for Help Desk to be able to handle this without ever having to dig into campaign builder, which seems possible just by updating the contact’s field before the email goes out for that week.

Another goal I would have is the option to format that dynamic text…

I tried added html to the textarea to see if the email builder would do the formatting and just got ugly HTML when putting the contact’s text area merge field in the text area and code area for email builder.

Do text areas support formatting? or is there a work around for getting the text to have some formatting?

Lastly, I am imagining how Help Desk would update the fields. I believe they would have to choose the option Mass Update Contacts. Is that correct? Or is there another way that’s even easier on a non-Infusionsoft trained person?

Hey Chris, great questions. Sounds like you’re pretty clear on this already:

  1. Text Areas SHOULD support formatting (paragraph breaks, etc). Several years ago they did not - then they fixed it and they DID - but then a few weeks ago I saw a thread where someone was saying it was broken, and that they no longer supported formatting. I just tested it, and it worked for me.

So I guess the answer is to test it yourself. And if it doesn’t, raise a ticket - because it SHOULD.

  1. Yes, the easiest way is probably to use the Mass Update Contacts action. Another option would be to perform a Modify Existing Records import; though for a non-Infusionsoft trained person, I don’t imagine this process would be any easier. Here’s an article that may help if you’re interested in this idea: How to perform a Keap Import without creating duplicate contacts
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Great thanks Greg! That nifty little action set work around helped a lot.

What I see regarding formatting is that I can have returns, but cannot bold/italicize/underline. It appears URL’s work when typed normally (no html, like < a href=“link.com”>click here) <–space between a and < to leave as plain text.

If your app handles bold/italicize/underline, I’d love to know what you are doing.

Otherwise, it seems an easy workaround is to have 2 fields, one for headline and the other for body. Then format the merge field for headline inside the email.

Ah, gotcha. Yeah, mine retains the paragraph breaks, but not specific text formatting such as bold or italicize. I missed that part, sorry.

You could try pasting the merge field into an HTML widget in the email, that might receive the embedded HTML the way you’re hoping! Let me know if it does, I haven’t tested that one. :slight_smile:

The attempt to add HTML for bold/italic/etc font/text formatting didn’t work when adding HTML text to a text section or Code section in Email Builder. Alas, I will make due with 2 custom fields (1 for Header, 1 for Body) and instruct support that only text, returns, and links are allowed.

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