If DATE is before "TODAY" in decision diamonds

I’m trying to set up a decision diamond so that if a date in a custom field HAS ALREADY PASSED (i.e. the date is “before” today) it will send one email and if the same date HAS NOT YET PASSED (i.e. the date is “after” the present day) they will receive another email.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Or will I have to use field timers somehow?

You can use the database modifiers to refer to date +/- time…see list here:

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Thanks John! I tried this now and it’s not really working. When I try to enter the syntax into the decision diamond rules, it’s using quick keys and jumping to dates. Any ideas?

Hi @John_Borelli I’d also like clarification on this. I think, like Lindsey, we want the Rule to check whether the date in a custom field is before “today”. Not hard code today’s date in the rule permanently, but have it dynamically be whatever the current day’s date is whenever the decision diamond step is reached. If you manually type “TodayFilter”, the quick key hard codes today’s current date into the rule.

How do we get the rule to check whether the custom field date is before the current date at the point of running the rule?

Did anyone get a solution for this?

Looking to solve the same issue as @Michelle_Morris .