Comparing a date field to todays date in a decision diamond

In a decision diamond I want to be able to compare a date in a Custom field against todays date or another field.

Is there any way of doing that?

The decision diamond doesn’t allow for that.
The best tool I know of for compare/contrast dates is the Calculate Time Between Events tool in PlusThis.


I use the Compare Dates tool from PlusThis. But before that, I have a campaign sequence that inserts today’s date in a custom field. So say you want to check if someone’s membership is expired. You would have put the expiration date in a custom field already. In your campaign, set a custom field called “Date of Last Expiry Check” to be today’s date (as in the screenshot). The next sequence would post to a PlusThis URL that executes the Compare Dates tool. The tool would apply a tag (e.g., Membership Expired) if Expiration Date is less than (i.e., before) Date of Last Expiry Check. Then your decision diamond would check for whether or not they have that tag. (Note that I delay 5 minutes before checking for the tag so the call to PlusThis has time to process.)