Decision Diamond: date 'before' or 'after' - which one includes the comparison date?

I’m sending contacts to different sequences depending on the date that is in a custom field, and I’m using a decision diamond.

I want them to follow route A if the date in the custom field is before 7th September (i.e. any date up to 7th September but not including 7th September).

I want them to follow route B if the date is ON OR AFTER 7th September (i.e. 7th September or any other date after then).

The decision diamond only gives the comparison options ‘before’ or ‘after’. So the question is: which one includes the actual comparison date? I.e. is it ‘on or after’ OR ‘on or before’?

Currently I’m assuming that ‘after’ includes ‘on or after’. But I’d like to be sure.


For pre 7th: before Sept 7
For 7th on: after Sept 6

Thank you very much!