Can you run a custom field compared to another custom field in a decision diamond?

Every few months I want to look at my contact list and see if they have been emailed within the past 6 months. The problem is that the decision diamond uses an absolute date and not a relative one, so I can run it every few months automatically, but it will look at the same absolute date as the cutoff. Like if it runs for the first time January 2017, it will run every year and look if they have been contacted after January 2017. So I made another custom field that updates itself relative to today’s date. I can’t seem to get that decision diamond to work like that though. Any ideas?

There are tools to do date math and/or date comparisons out there (api guys or novak solutions for example) or, alternatively, I’ve also just written code to http post to that would raise a tag under specific conditions based on date fields.

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Thank you. I will check them out.

I’ve looked at their offerings and not sure if there is something in either out of the box that would do what you’re describing. Could you provide the code you are describing that will tag based on comparison of the date fields? Or do you license it? Would love to give it a try.

I can’t give code that I’ve written for others but I can re-write the code. It would then be installed on a server of your choosing so that you would always have access/use for it. With coding, implementation and video walk through showing proper use, it’s about two hours to accomplish so it could be done for you in a very short time and then you’d have it to use as you need.

Sure, can I contact you tomorrow to discuss details?

Sure, my email is

Just a follow up: I hired John to help me with this problem and he built me an API which does just that. He was quick and responsive and affordable and it was great working with him. Highly recommended if you run into the seemingly infinite Infusionsoft roadblocks while building campaigns.

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Thanks, @ZCH_kORWIN, it’s great working with you!