Using a custom field as the basis for sorting in decision diamonds?

Is this possible?

I’ve set up a custom field for postcodes/suburbs and need to sort leads into 1 of 6 branches based on what they choose, with a final sequence for if none of the applicable postcodes has been selected.

I don’t see a way to sort contacts based on a custom field though.

Joe, this is possible. When you add a rule to a decision diamond, it will say, “If the [Contact’s]” then the next option that shows up brings up a list of all custom field categories you can select from. Once you select a category, you can then select the actual custom field and its value.

I will also add that for customers who have multiple of your branches selected and you only want them in one sequence, you will have to add rules to the diamond (by selecting “+AND”) for each sequence that say the value for the other 5 branches doesn’t equal yes, or whatever you have it set to.

Does this help?

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A visual reference for distributing contacts based on custom field drop-down values of “North” and “South”


Yes, I’ve successfully set up a form with a state listing drop down. Then used the diamond decisions as described by Logan G to auto assign the lead to a specific owner and sequence based on state selected. The form also included a qualifying question… that resulted in a different sequence

Hi all,

Thanks for getting back to me on this. As it turns out, the ‘Custom Field’ option in the second box will display differently if you rename the custom field group. I’m working with a client who has had other marketers working on their campaign in the past so I wasn’t aware the custom field tab had been renamed!

Feel a bit silly, thanks for the feedback though everyone.