Is there a way to tag a customer, automatically, with the month and year they completed something?

My sales pipeline has the customer complete a screening process / evaluation called a blitz. And then repeat that screening every year. Then, if they meet the criteria of the blitz evaluation they move on to full training. Is there a way to automatically tag the client with the month and year they completed the blitz?


  1. To be able to easily segregate the contact list into those that successfully completed the blitz in the last 3 months or last year.
  2. To be able to easily see all the times the contact has completed the blitz. (So all tags will be named STATUS - Blitz Complete - YYYY MM)
  3. To be able to use decision diamonds on the data.


You would either have to run a 12 part decision diamond that would trigger the given tags by date, or use a 3rd party to auto-create a tag and apply it based on the year/month they went through the process.

The way you could complete this natively in Infusionsoft, would be to create a custom field for “Blitz Completion Date” and have a ’set field timer’ run that sets that date for the day they go through and overwrite any existing date. You can use that date in a decision diamond.