A way to display the number of contacts that a tag was applied to within the last X days, on the dashboard?

I’d like to be able to give my client a way to see how leads are progressing through the pipeline. I have set up tags that track how far along the process a lead is and have set up a saved search for each tag on a dashboard widget. This gives me an overview of how many contacts are in each phase.

I need to be able to give my client the functionality they need to see something along the lines of “number of x tag applied to a contact in the last y days”. I hope to be able to see information such as, the Enquiry Phase tag was applied to 22 contacts in the last week, the Demo Phase tag was applied to 8 contacts in the last week and the Training Phase tag was applied to 5 people in the last week.

Are searches like this possible from the dashboard or would I need to use a difference facility to access them?


This is possible, and there are a few ways to do it, the first option would be to use this tag based tracking method which is extremely flexible and could essentially create all the reports you asked for - the drawback is that it does require creating a bunch of extra tags just for reporting purposes:

Another way of doing this would be to create a campaign with Goals that listen for the tags you mentioned - then you can create saved searches and reports using the Campaign Goal Completion report, and add those to your dashboard. The drawback to this is that I don’t think you can do rolling date ranges, I think it’s only static date-to-date ranges.


I really liked your article on tracking tags. I’ve had plans for a system like this before but thought that since I was fairly new to Infusionsoft I was probably using a load of complex processes to do something that I can implement with a single click somewhere else on the platform. I’m the only user of Infusionsoft in my office but I’ve been taught the philosophy of lots of tags=very bad by my boss who read about it in an Infusionsoft Mastery book.

I’ve always thought it was incredibly limiting. The second method you have described is the method I’m currently using on the unpublished campaign I have that is due for launch soon. There are tags that are applied and removed based on triggers when people move in and out of phases throughout the sales funnel. Contacts with these tags are looked for and a tally is made as part of a saved search and it’s reported on the Dashboard within a widget. Giving me a list of all the phases from Enquiry to Sale and a number next to the number of contacts with that tag (currently in that phase).

You mention that the drawback to this is that it can’t do rolling date ranges and that it only shows a static date-to-date range. But when I access the widget it doesn’t even give me the option to do that, it just shows me the CURRENT number of contacts in each Phase. Do you know a way I can display this information on the dashboard while offering the user options to change the date range it looks at?

An example of a query my client would like is “Of the leads that were generated in February 2019, how many reached as far as the Enquiry Phase, how many reached as far as the Demo Phase, how many reached as far as the Proposal Phase” and so on and so forth. For something like this, a search that looks for ‘how many times the Enquiry Phase tag was applied in February’, ‘how many times the Demo Phase tag was applied in February’ etc, would be most appropriate. But can a search like this be performed?

I really let this reply get away from me so sorry about that!

Thanks for all your help so far,

Thanks Joe, yeah, so I have nothing but good things to say about Troy Broussard and his IS Mastery book; that being said, with anything in Infusionsoft you’ll likely find that there are varying perspectives. And so my approach is that everyone should understand things first, so that you can decide what makes sense for you.

My thought on tags is that there is no such thing as “too many”, there are only tags that are useful and tags that are useless. If the tags are carrying meaningful information, and are used intentionally, then keep them. Who cares how many you have? But yeah, tags just for tags sake are a burden, and can clutter things up for sure. The key is careful documentation so you know what is being used where and WHY it was created.

Another reporting distinction to be aware of is that when you are viewing the campaign builder reporting tabs - the current view, the last 24 hours, the last 30 days, etc; all of the numbers you see represented on the sequences or on the goals are simply a graphical representation of a report - if you click on any of those numbers it takes you into the actual report, and from there you can adjust the criteria to expand or restrict the report. Think of the campaign builder reporting pane as your defaults, a jumping off point, and then from there you can add/remove criteria to show you whatever you want.

And once you find the report you’re after, yes, you can save it - add it to your favorites, to your dashboard, or whatever.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the reply Greg. I’ve used the Reporting tab in the campaign builder to conduct some new searches in past but when using a date range, it no longer gives you the option to expand a goal and look at the list of contacts within it.

I’m really starting to think that it’s impossible to set up a search that gives me the data I need which is pretty upsetting. I’m racking my brains for a way to display it but I can’t think of a way to do it.

I need to somehow target a group of contacts that received a certain tag between 2 dates. Then take those contacts and cross-reference them against a list of tags and how many of those tags the contact has received (ever). It’s hard even to describe it!.

My client basically wants to be able to ask me “Can you show me a chart of how far each lead we generated in January got to in the sales process before dropping out into LTN, opting out or otherwise staying where they are.” There just doesn’t seem to be that functionality anywhere within Infusionsoft and I wouldn’t know where to begin on looking for an app in the marketplace that could help me perform this kind of query.

The end result would be a triangle shape, with the base number of contacts in the Enquiry phase, about 60% go on to book a demonstration, 70% of those go on to Accept the proposal, 95% of those follow-through with training… etc etc.

I’ve abandoned the idea that this can be an automated system usable from the dashboard and I’ll just have to be an intermediary whenever they want to run a report like this.

Any ideas?


EDIT: I just thought of something involving a new custom field that would represent a contact’s farthest progression through the pipeline. If at each stage when a new Phase tag is applied it also runs a process to update that custom field accordingly, then we could have a metric in which we can measure their distance before becoming a cold lead. The only issues that would remain are being able to target a group based on when they received a certain tag (Enquiry Phase tag) and being able to display the number of contacts with each custom field value as a whole number instead of a list of names.

EDIT 2: What if I setup a campaign for running queries WITHIN the campaign builder. I can set up a decision diamond that looks at the custom field I mentioned above, then sort any contacts I enter into it into the correct groups, then I can just count how many contacts were filtered into each sequence and add them sequentially from bottom to top. I could set them on course to the decision diamond by applying a tag to all the contacts I want to test, it’s just getting that list of “everyone who received the Enquiry Phase tag in January” list of people to apply the tag to.


EDIT 3: I just realised that my point earlier about not being able to look at the list of contacts tagged between a certain time period is total rubbish and I can in fact do that! This is it, the final piece to the puzzle, I can apply a tag to ALL contacts that received the Enquiry Phase tag between 2 dates as per the client’s request. It will enter them into the Query campaign, run them through the diamond and sort by the custom field and give me live figures of where they’re CURRENTLY at or ended up at before moving to LTN (moving to LTN won’t update the field). Then I can apply another tag once the report is done to clear out the machine. Screenshot - 1235bf9ac5ba5ff6c47f617e0ec9bfdf - Gyazo


EDIT 4: Now it will tell me tell me whether or not they’ve stopped at that Phase because they’re still in there or if they stopped there due to being moved to Long-Term Nurture (or opting out).
Screenshot - db980203033409ecd3d7f4c5b02fe2f2 - Gyazo I really hope this isn’t flawed in some way I can’t see.
Sorry for the longest reply you’ve ever received and thank you again for all your help!

So…you good on this? I have read your reply twice and I’m not sure how best to support.

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Yes! Looking back at my reply, it looks like I had a mental break, sorry you had to experience that twice! :slight_smile:

It’s all sorted now, thanks so much!