Reporting on tags by assigned sales user?

Tags are applied and removed to contacts as they enter and exit different phases of the sales pipeline in my Infusionsoft campaign. I use saved reports to display the number of contacts who received each tag in each month. So I can see how many contacts entered the ‘quote phase’ between October 1st and 31st for example.

I’ve set up the saved reports to show in order in the dashboard. What would be the best way to display this information but on a salesperson to salesperson basis? I only seem to be able to sort by tag when I do these reports but details of how each salesperson is performing would be a very useful statistic.

I feel like this would be a very common need for a lot of businesses so I’d be surprised if there wasn’t an easy way to do this. has anybody done something like this before?


@Joe_Gillespie, I’ve done this many times - in your saved reports, just make one of the search criteria for the filter to include the Owner ID which is found in the Misc Criteria column when you Edit Criteria/Columns in the Search.

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Hi Cheryl,

I’ve been using the ‘Tag Applications’ report to view this information so there isn’t an option to add additional filters for other fields as far as I can tell.

Is there another type of report I can do that will tell show me all of the contacts who received a tag in October that are assigned to a certain person?



You would need to create a saved search for each of your tracking items that is also filtered by Contact Owner. You can find that option in the Misc Criteria tab when you are setting up your search criteria.

So if you have 2 searches, 2 sales people, and also want to have your existing “total” searches, you would end up with 6 saved searches (2 total, 2 for person 1, 2 for person 2).

Hope that helps.


Hi Jeff,

I did originally have this set up using saved searches instead of reports but I wasn’t able to see data for how much times a tag was applied between 2 dates. It seems that you can only find this data by doing a Tag Application report.

Is there another way of doing it?


Are you removing the tags from the records? If not, do a Custom Statistics widget and insert the saved searches you created. If you are removing the tags - don’t. Create a tag that will stay on the record - even if it is just until the end of the month.

That’s the easiest way to track.


Hey @Joe_Gillespie, I’ve always used Saved Searches so that I can control all the filter criteria. Yours is a little more complex because time ranges are involved…my searches are for who is in each stage currently.

I use the tags to track when a contact moves into a new phase of the sales pipeline so I use tag application reports and choose the date range I want. The tag may only be on the contact for 30 minutes but should still be counted in the figure.

It seems like there’s no way to achieve what I’m looking for by just using saved searches and reports.