An improved dashboard?

I’m trying to produce a really in-depth dashboard that my clients can use to view the performance of the system.

I’ve noticed that the dashboard as it is now seems to lack a lot of functionality. For example, I use tags to show where each contact is throughout the sales process. This works especially well for a few clients because the process is long and includes, demonstrations, visits, on-boarding, training, etc.

I want my client to be able to choose a time frame and see the progress of all contacts who became enquiries within that time frame. This is a strange question but really I’m just looking for suggestions on how to extend the functionality and produce a more in-depth dashboard for displaying data where tag applications are the main point of interest.

There also doesn’t seem to be a way for me to set up a figure for “Contacts tagged with X tag in the last 7 days”, which I’m a little confused by. You can do saved searches and reports and choose certain date ranges but not a ‘Last X days’ that changes from day to day.

Does anybody have any suggestions for apps that can work alongside Infusionsoft in this way?

We use Zapier and have been looking at Plecto and Tableau but they don’t seem to offer what we need.


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Infusionsoft does not provide a way to run things based on when a tag was applied. You can put together a comprehensive system of timing and tagging in order to do that, or you could use a feature of PlusThis They have the ability to make things happen based on the amount of time it’s been since things have happened, including when a tag has been applied. Using that feature you could run a series of tagging events that could tag people when they are seven days away from a tag being applied etc.

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Hi Jeff,

That might be the way we have to do it.

I could just have each tag I want to track in this way as a goal that triggers a sequence that assigns a temporary tag. So when a demo is booked and the Demo Booked tag is applied, it triggers a sequence that also ads the “Demo 7 Days” tag, before a timer for 7 days is triggered and the tag is removed again.

I guess a point that I didn’t emphasise enough in my first post is that my client wants to be able to select date ranges from WITHIN the dashboard. I know this isn’t possible in Infusionsoft’s dashboard but would be in the campaign builder. Do you know of any dashboard apps at all that can connect effectively with Infusionsoft’s tagging mechanic?

Thanks for the first idea though, I’ll definitely incorporate that into the dashboard.


Generally if you want to be able to pull specific dates, you would need a date field inserted (by far easier than the tagging and PlusThis methods). That lets you grab folks within any date range pretty easily (although not directly in the dashboard).

Dashboards - I personally haven’t used external dashboards but have heard a lot of rumblings about Dasheroo.

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Ah, I understand. I’ll give Dasheroo a look, thanks for the heads up!