Integrate with Excel

I need to update custom fields in real time with excel based on an applied tag. I want infusionsoft to push info to excel, then let excel run its formulas, then update the customer’s custom fields with the data that excel has just formulated.

There has to be something out there that does that, suggestions?

I’d probably be looking at Zapier for this solution, costs about $20 a month.

It depends on how complex a formulae you want to run. If its reasonably basic maths then, plusthis, infusionlabs, myfusionhelper all have maths functions you can use.


Given the order you presented this that when you refer to the math, you mean within Excel? So the tools Andy mentioned would not be necessary if that is the case.

If I’m understanding, you wish to send contact updates to Excel and then let Excel handle processing it? If that’s accurate then you should only need Zapier (again as Andy suggested) to get the information there.