How To Use Finance & Math Functions? - I'm a Finance Broker Using Infusionsoft

Hi, Can anyone suggest Apps, Developers or Ideas for math functions

I am looking to see how we can arrange finance and mathmatical functionality either within Infusionsoft or that would be recorded within Infusionsoft.

I am a commercial finance broker, so we provide loans and leasing facilities to other businesses. A big part of this is providing our clients with finance illustrations or quotations. I really need to look for a compliant finance calculator that can help my busienss grow, sit within infusionsoft or at least get recorded.

I am already close to my limit with Custom Feilds within the Contact record and we have the requirement to collect “one to many” relationship data e.g. x4 applicants, Accountant, Lawyers etc… For this reason we now use Gravity Forms on our site and Zapier to populate what data we can store in the primary infusionsoft record.

Other deadends I’ve hit or hopefully the community knows different

Products within infusionsoft doesn’t really work as every product is unique to that client at that specific time. Have looked at Manual Orders and we do this so we can see a customer value at the end of the process. No automation.

Opportunity Record - This is a problem as we can’t merge custom feilds into emails. I looked at this to help carry the burden of some of our extra custom feild requirements

Linked Contacts - I have been told that this feature doesn’t really work if you have more than one link. I looked at this for the “one to many” relationship management

Are there any other finance brokers out there using Infusionsoft for the CRM or processing/customer journey??

Hi @Phillip_Evans,

First, you can merge custom fields into emails. The biggest hangup I think you have from your description is the need to track dynamic data (one to many). There are other custom fields to use on other tables but they cannot be used in campaigns or emails (just useful for storage). It is possible to do rather complex calculations with a combination of http posts to scripts and custom fields and you can store information dynamically in either specifically formatted notes or in a category drop down field. These are rather un-orthodox answers but they would be viable.

As to products, I don’t know enough details but sometimes products combined with product options in creative ways can get around the fluid nature of some models.

Finally, I’m not a broker (just someone dumb enough to love programming lol) so most of what I’m suggesting may or may not specifically apply but they at least sounded like things to consider.

There is a 3rd Party Service with can do Maths on the Custom Fields via a Campaign Builder - HTTP Post. The API Guys have a Pocket Developer - Field Math plugin, which you can see here:

But if you need something more sophisticated, then you will probably will want Custom Development done for your needs.

If you are hitting the Custom Field limit, then you will need to start thinking about getting Custom Development work done to offload data into a separate database. There is Field Space that may help your needs:

But be aware that offloading data into a separate database means its not directly accessible in things like the Campaign Builder and Emails. Other things would need to be developed.

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John, Many thanks for your reply… I really like your idea about using HTTP posts this may help

I was aware “custom fields” on the contact record can merge, however, sadly not from Opportunity

I’m very grateful for your contribution.

Great resource Pav… Many thanks.

Have a great day

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