Infusion soft API

New to Infusionsoft. Can someone please tell me if this can be achieved with Infusionsoft API. I would like to use the API to send dynamic emails. Scenario: Customer comes to my landing page, Fills out form, I add them as a contact,register opt-in email, Then my app would use the information the customer entered to perform some calculations nad automatically email a report to the customer. My problem is (from my limited understanding so far) the app is expecting a user to authorize it’s use by logging into an infusionsoft account. Is there a way to store and persist an access token?

Your application should be handling the OAuth flow for the user, and will receive the Refresh and Access tokens after a successful authentication attempt. You can persist these and refresh them on a scheduled basis indefinitely.

We actually just finished work on a way to queue emails containing arbitrary content through the REST API, and should have it available shortly.

Thank you. I got the Oauth flow working nicely. Storing my tokens in session and mysql DB. So far so good…