My client_id and client_secret don't work in Api Access for Infusionsoft

Hi Everyone!

So I am trying to get an access token so I can connect to my Infusionsoft REST API through my own application.
I’m using HTTP Client to make the async calls to the restful api.
I’ve added a project to my developer account, and have a client_id and client_secret.
When I use the “Api Access” link in Account Central and enter in my client_id and client_secret I get the following error…
Something went wrong, please check your account credentials here and try again.

I’m sure I have it right.
One thing to note is the status on my project in my developer account is “Waiting” but I don’t know where to go from here.

The second part of this question is can I use the Access Token without having it expire? I am in total control of the app connecting to Infusionsoft and my Infusionsoft account.



The first application you request should get auto-approved, only subsequent applications require manual approval. You’ll need to submit a ticket for our API Support team to approve it before it will be available for use.

I see! Thank you! Any answer on the second part of my question?

Access Tokens have a six-month lifetime currently, but we recommend that you refresh them more frequently than that to prevent anyone who obtains them from having unlimited use.


The waiting status is the issue. We allow a single self serve key but user. Most likely you already have a client_id issued. If you really need additional client_ids then you will need to file an api support ticket to request that.