Unsure about OAuth authorize

I have a backend application where I need to add or update tags everyday to many users.

I’m hoping to authenticate once and then update the tags for many users. In reading up on the rest api and using OAuth it has me going to the following url…


But this is an actual web page which seems like it would be for individual users rather than an admin authenticated backend server… am I missing something or is this documented elsewhere?

I’ve just built a Wordpress plugin which communicates to the Infusionsoft REST API. In the plugin settings, I provided a link to a URL generated by the REST API PHP SDK:


The idea is, initially, a human user has to follow that link and log in. The client_id parameter in the URL gives away what Infusionsoft app the link relates to… (and so what Infusionsoft installation/account?)… and on successful authentication, Infusionsoft sends a token to the URL passed in the redirect_url parameter in the link. Then, my code uses that token to get a longer-lasting (~24 hours) access token which my plugin can use to make API requests.

I’ve also got a scheduled cron task which makes my plugin code check whether its 24-hour access token is close to expiring, and if it is, to renew it via an automatic API call.

So a human being needs to log in once, but after that, my plugin code can keep its access token fresh and active (for 3 weeks straight so far) without any more human intervention. If the token expires, I’ve programmed the plugin to email a support email address with a link to the plugin options page, so a support agent can fix the problem by logging into Infusionsoft again.

I’ve read posts suggesting there might be an all-automatic way to do this, but I haven’t figured out whether and how that’s possible. So far, Human-once-then-automatic seems to be working acceptably well.

Hope that helps…