Creating a test environment when working with external entities

I am working with a company called nFusion and they have a custom Alerts app that we would like to feed info to our IS contacts database. Is this possible (so my main contacts db stays clean)?

A quick bit of background on my project in case some of you have tackled something similar. The Alert software allows anyone to sign up (only using social media accounts, instead of my IS db, sadly) and request an alert when the price of gold goes to a certain amount, changes by a certain amount or changes by a certain percentage. I’m trying to get them to submit an update call to IS API when someone signs up. If it fails, then submit a create account command and update the new contact with their desired alerts.

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Hi @Matt_Whitfield,

The biggest question is going to be what their app offers for communication. The Infusionsoft API can certainly handle receiving the information and doing what you are describing but how that information is to get to the script that handles it would be the determining factor. Do they offer webhooks? an api/REST? If their notifications come via email, can an email be sent to something already in place like Zapier that would parse it and then update your Infusionsoft app? That’s the piece to look closely at.

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Could you point me in the direction of info relating to using Zapier to parse and update IS?



You can setup a free account at They are well documented and are used by a great many with needs like these.

Thank you. Any thoughts on setting up that demo account for the supplier to test its implementation of our integration?

I would just setup a new gmail and pass it off to them to upgrade if they find what you do to be useful…I’ve done that with clients before.

Apologies, I may have not been clear. I would like to test that when someone signs up on their system, they can send the data to IS and update my custom fields properly. I’d prefer for them to work on a bogus set of contacts instead of my production list. Can that be done?

You can get a free sandbox account with Infusionsoft for that.

Ok. I’ve seen that mentioned on the site. I’ll look into it further. Thanks for everything.

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@Matt_Whitfield You can find information on sandboxes including the link to sign up here.