Insert a new object between existing connected objects

Hi there, if anybody could help I would be very grateful! I can’t solve this simple problem, so annoying!
I have a sequence, and I want to insert a Apply tag between a webform and a decision diamond, I don’t manage to…
I don’t manage to delete the existing connecting line, nor do I manage with the procedure suggested on infusionsoft support pages:
“To insert a new object between existing connected objects, drag and drop the object when the connecting line becomes bold” (Connecting objects in a campaign sequence | Max Classic)

Any ideas?


You can’t do that. If you want to apply a tag to all who fill the web form out it needs to go in a sequence. Add a sequence just for that and let the decision diamond always run it by default.

thank Candice, at least now I know!

To be specific, you CAN do that. You just have to do it inside of an extra sequence: