Campaign Elements are Not Connected

Hi Community! I’m trying to launch my first campaign to drive signups for an upcoming webinar. I downloaded and installed a sequence by ICON17 and it looks great. However, when I go to publish, I receive an error message that Campaign Elements are not connected. I have seen similar posts but cannot identify the issue.

Here’s the campaign:

And here’s the sequence:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Strange error with the items you have in the screenshot. I do notice that you have no entry point for your first sequence. Is there a goal off to the left that isn’t connected to that sequence? If there isn’t something there, I would just delete the connections between your goals/sequences and then reattach and try again.


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Thanks, Jeff. I’ll try that.

Jeff, thank you! That was the issue. There was no goal left of the sequence to launch the campaign. I added “Tag Applied” to the left and it is now accepting it. Thanks for the quick response and assistance!

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