Campaign elements not connected

So…full disclosure this is my first campaing post training. It’s all good when I go to Publish except for a “campaign elements not connected” msg in my first sequence. I’ve gone over it umpteen times and cannot see where the problem is. Any advice is much appreciated.

Hey @Lauri_Oliva.

Sorry you are having some trouble finding what’s giving you that notification. I am going to send a DM your way, to get a little info and I can take a quick peek and see if I can point out whats causing it.

The most common cause I’ve seen Lauri is when elements aren’t connected to a start element. Those smaller disks that are already in place when you create a new sequence.

I’d start by checking each sequence to make sure every group of elements started with a link back to this bugger. If one was accidentally deleted it could be hard to detect.

Depending on the size monitor you’re using it’s even harder getting one back once it’s been deleted. Because that element is at the very bottom of the toolbox well below the bottom of most screens.


Elements not connected in basic terms means something doesn’t have a line connecting it to something else