Infusionsoft order error "subject id must be valid"


What is this caused by and how can I fix it?

Generally, we would see something similar if someone didn’t enter a required field or if the form was inserted (the html) into an external webpage but has been modified which resulted in part of the necessary code missing something. So is this running straight from Keap’s servers or has it been inserted into a webpage outside of Infusionsoft?

It is running on a page outside of IS, but there is no subject id required in an order form. I’ve been using the same type order forms for literally years without issue. This has to be an IS bug.

The message may just be a “symptom”. It usually has various messages when something that was meant to be there is missing. Was anything modified and possibly eliminated something of the original html? Even inserted javascript, if it has any errors, will cause something to not register as functioning. I don’t have direct access to the code that these pages call on the IS servers so it’s hard to be more specific :wink: