Does anyone also get any error message while submitting a form?

The error is showing as ‘Failed to submit surrounding form in validate names…’.We haven’t change anything in our form for last few years so does Max Classic changes anything in the script ?

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Yes, we are experiencing this issue as well.

Yes. Having issue with infusionsoft forms

Yes - webform issues here as well - I’m getting an error saying ‘this is a required field’ which it is not…

I’m seeing this on forms with recaptcha spambot detection active (meaning, the “Don’t use Google reCAPTCHA for spambot detection” checkbox is NOT checked).

I dug into the network requests and recaptcha Javascript to see what was happening, and it looks like the Infusionsoft recaptcha script (loading from is making an Ajax request to an /app/form/usernameExists/ URL — but no domain is included, so that request goes to the current page’s domain, not to whichever Keap domain is supposed to handle it. Then, the resulting 404 page not found produces the error message.

Disabling recaptcha (checking the box) does allow the form to work, but you’ll have to disable, republish, and copy-paste the new code separately for every form unless you have a very clever system. Hoping for a quick fix on Keap’s side.

Also… as a dev I’ve got to complain generally about that script. It’s seriously relying on jQuery to make an HTTP request in 2021?! For kicks and giggles (sad giggles…) I placed it on a page that doesn’t load jQuery. Sure enough it fails.

If you’re going to depend on a 3rd party library for your code to work, you REALLY ought to notify people that it’s needed, or check for it and load it yourself if it’s not present. Better yet, don’t rely on it. jQuery is syntactic sugar these days and has no place in a script as widely deployed as this one.

I have the same problem. No changes to the website of KEAP/Infusionsoft.
As suggested, I have checked the reCAPTCHA box in the form settings, which has solved the problem.
But now, when the form button is clicked (opt-in page and HVCO download), the form pops up as desired, but after about 1 second, the user is automatically directed to the next page (landing page). No information is captured, and the HVCO download mail is not sent.

Any ideas/solutions?

Same problem here.
On the Keap known issues sites we logged a ticket on 03.02.21 against this Issue Number: 2340514.
Yesterday PM Keap replied to our ticket:
“Great news: our maintenance release has been completed, including the resolution to your issue (ticket info below). At this point, you should not encounter the issue within your Keap application.”
However in testing today this is NOT resolved. Can anyone else verify that it’s working, or not working still?
I’ll be on the phone with Keap TS shortly.

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I’m still seeing the problem on one of the forms I set up to test this. The recaptcha.js code hasn’t changed, so the same bad request occurs.

There’s a timestamp query on the recaptcha.js script link, however… an update to that might fix it.

OK, it’s kinda fixed:

If you copy new webform code now from the campaign builder, the recaptcha.js script it links to has been updated, and recaptcha & submit works fine.

But existing forms (that load the older script) are still broken. That timestamp is the culprit — Keap has not replaced the old script that loads under the older timestamp query with the fixed version. (Ugh, come on… o_O)

If someone’s up for a bit of find-and-replace, what I’m getting from my own app right now is recaptcha.js?b= The old script was recaptcha.js?b= Verify that with your own Keap apps, of course.

I am having this same issue. But don’t really follow what to do. Can someone put in super non-techie terms if this is fixed and what I should do now? I think the answer is check their re-captch box and republish. But am confused.