Importing leads from external sources

I tried searching and couldn’t find anything that answered my question. I may be using the wrong words.

Basically I want to import leads from an IDX website, and other sources. Is this done through an email parse or what options do I have available? I know there is a realgeeks integration. I also want to import from Boomtown IDX.

For every product you wish to import from, you will likely find a different method to do so for each. In some cases, the product will already have an infusionsoft integration. Other cases a csv file can be exported from the product and then imported into infusionsoft. In other cases an api developer must create code to accomplish this. Realgeeks integration, for example, is a bit limited as it relies on IS action sets. They do have an api for custom work though. Boomtown looks to only offer a private api that only their integration partners have access to. I don’t know if they have the export option but most likely do.

Thank you. Yeah the initial export is fine, but if I am going to be using IS as our main and central CRM, I need something that automatically funnels these leads in and starts campaigns. Individual integration it is it seems.

Hi Rylan, Did you ever figure this out? We’re experiencing a similar issue. Thank!

Looks like the only solution so far without building an API from scratch
is a website called parsey (

Going to cost my team and extra $50 a month to auto funnel leads that
were free funneling into Follow-up Boss… frustrating but seems like
the only option.


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