Importing Google Forms survey responses to Infusionsoft contacts

Hello everyone,

I hope you could help me here. We have created Google Forms surveys and will be sending them out to our customers through Infusionsoft. All responses will be stored in an Excel file. We are interested in having all information in one place - Infusionsoft, so I’m trying to find out how to import Google Forms or the Excel with responses to Infusionsoft contacts.

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It looks like Zappier offers an ability to update Infusionsoft contacts, based on a Google Form submission. I am not familiar with this specific Zap, but it appears that it may offer what you need.

Importing via the Excel sheet is possible, but may take a little work, as you will probably need to import duplicate contacts and merging them together after import (due to the fact that that the Google Forms spreadsheet will not contain the Infusionsoft Contact ID # needed for a ‘Modify Existing Records’ import.)

You may need to create some custom fields to store the different data pieces of the survey, with either method.

There may be some other alternatives that our community members are familiar with, but I at least wanted to get some ideas started.

Hi James,

Thank you for looking into this.

I have seen the Zap you’re talking about but is isn’t what we need it t do. It’s important for Google Forms to only send the survey answers to each individual’s profile. We won’t be adding any new contacts from Google forms and the surveys will be sent only to existing customers.

Please correct me if I misunderstood.


The Zap mentions that it can create new or update existing contacts, meaning the google form would probably need to collect their email address, as I assume the Zap would be able to run a duplication check, based on the email address, to update the existing record.

Again, I have not personally used this Zap, but it seems like it may be an option.

Hi James,

This sounds more like what I need, maybe I misunderstood. I’ll have another look at the Zap.

Thanks again!