I need to add long form responses as one Note. What integration can do this?

I’m a nutritionist and need my clients to fill out a long intake form. I created one inside a Keap campaign, but the results that I get emailed or that show when I click on their form in their contact record are very hard to read. For example, I might ask them to check a box for each of the following symptoms they have. If their are 30 symptoms and they check 2 of them, I get those responses as “true” or “false.” So, I’m looking into integrations with Google Forms, Jotform, Wufoo, etc., all via Zapier but am lost.

Has anyone had a third-party completed form added as a note in an existing record that is in a format that is easy to read?


Not sure if you have WordPress, but I’m a big fan of Gravity Forms.
Easy to read answers and you can get 3rd party (Zapier & others) to integrate into Infusionsoft.


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