Gravity Forms Tie In

This may have been asked and I am tired and missed it, however I found out I can tie in my gravity forms in with the clients. So this is how the sales processes goes,

Reach out to the lead, send them a link to a form on our site which they fill out to make sure that we are a fit for them and they are a fit for us. They get a contract they sign the contract, pay, then they get another form with the launch details that we need for them, Website or Marketing info. What I am trying to do, is place all that info in to their accounts, so I don’t need to upload the PDF OR have my VA enter in the info off the PDF in to custom fields. I would like to have those custom fields filled out already. Now I checked in to the Infusionsoft add-on for the gravity form plugin and I see the fields, however I am not sure how to map those fields right. Any video’s or advice on the best way to do this, or learn how to do this. MUCH thanks.

To integrate Gravity Forms with Infusionsoft, look for the Infusionsoft Gravity Forms Addon plugin. It’s not updated regularly so people will also use Zapier to map the fields and serve as the integration between the two.

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Hi @Cheryl_Hunt I have the Addon plugin, what is confusing me, is when I go to map the fields I am not sure which Fields to map to which questions. Do you have a video on how Zapier works? Thanks

I don’t Jamie, I’m sorry. I just know what others use most but I’m not an expert on them.


The fields to map will be custom fields from your IS app. Meaning, for every field on your gravity form you wish to map to a field, you would need to create a custom field for that in IS. The refresh the feed and they will be available to you to map your form fields to the custom fields.

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Perfect John, thanks so much for that info. :beers:

Hi John,
do you know if the gravity forms app is still working? i see there haven’t been any updates in quite some time… I need this solution but want to be sure it will still work before i get into it. thank you.

We’re still using it and it’s working well for us. I just setup a registration form to start membership using GF and it test out well. The last update I see was on Sept 11th

Hello Jamie,

We suggest below form plugins add-ons.

Gravity Forms - Infusionsoft Integration

Contact Form 7 - Infusionsoft Integration

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