How to see tag category names via REST API?

I’m trying to update or create a contact with certain tags. First I get a list of all the tags and then use that list to find the id of the tags I want to set. But the list of tags only shows the category id and not the name. I can’t find an API endpoint to list tag categories to look up the ids to get the names. Without that, I can’t know what category the tag is in and can’t be sure that I’m using the correct tag.

Is there an endpoint for listing tag categories?

If not, will you add one?


Hi @Jeff_Johnson1, there currently isn’t a way to retrieve tag category names via rest. I have submitted a ticket to our product manager to either add a new list endpoint for tag categories or to add the category name to the list tag endpoint.

If you have an immediate need, you could use the XML-RPC API to query the ContactGroupCategory table to retrieve the category name.

Has any ability to get a list of tag ids and their category names been added?!/Tags/listTagsUsingGET