Retrieving Company Tags with REST

I can see some similar threads around usage of Tags for Companies with the REST API, but I was hoping to check if this feature is indeed still under development. Even if not retrieving full company information, for our purposes we’re really only missing the ability to retrieve Tags for Companies.

Using XML-RPC would be a little tricky on this project, so any other ideas on how to retrieve this would also be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Brendan_Cole, there is not currently a way to retrieve tags that are applied to a company via the REST API. I will pass your request on to our Product Manager for further review.

You could create REST endpoints using the xml-rpc and call them but there are no REST functions available yet that will do that. That’s how I solved for a project needing similar restrictions.

That’s an interesting suggestion… Honestly speaking I have 0 experience with XML-RPC, so I was saying it’d be tricky because I’d have to learn it from scratch.

Could you give a quick rundown on how this would work? Doesn’t have to be detailed, just didn’t realise it could be used like that.

Hi, @Brendan_Cole,

Sorry so late responding. Been knee deep in projects :wink:

So any folder can have an index.php or index.html which is the default behavior for most web servers. REST looks at the action parameter to help determine what function to enact. So a GET for a contact end point my read a single contact. A PUT might write a single contact, a POST might write an array of contacts and a DELETE would obviously delete a contact. In this way, the action parameter is the “state” in state based endpoints (aka REST).