Tags not showing up in List Contacts REST endpoint

I’ve got a brand new sandbox app (vy664) that I’m testing against, and I’m finding that the tags aren’t showing up in the JSON response for List Contacts.

Here’s the relevant part of the JSON response:

"id": 2,
"tag_ids": []

And here’s a screenshot showing that the contact does indeed have a couple of tags applied (they’re just the standard ones that come with the app):

And I made sure to run the API call after I applied the tags, so it’s not a timing issue. Using the same API token and the XML-RPC API I was able to get the following (Elixir syntax):

%{"Groups" => "91,93"}

I haven’t played around with creating new tags and new contacts and seeing what happens, because I wanted to report the bug instead of just massaging things to get it to go away. This isn’t critical for me to get solved, so I don’t need any workaround suggestions, it’s mostly just a bug report.

Hi @Damon_Janis, unfortunately tag_ids do not get populated on the List Contacts endpoint, only in responses where a single contact is returned like Retrieve a Contact. This is done for performance reasons as it would be very expensive to pull applied tags for up to 1000 contacts for every Contact List call.

The property has been removed from the documentation but it does still show up in responses. I’m sorry for the confusion.

Thank you so much @Nicholas_Trecina! That makes sense and clears up the discrepancy I was seeing.