Getting back phone numbers hitting the List Tagged Contacts endpoint


Im trying the retrieve more information of contacts when hitting “List Tagged Contacts” endpoint, specifically phone numbers.


Is there a way we can get back more information than the email and names?


Hi @Nathan_Call, at this time there isn’t a way to get additional fields on the “List Tagged Contacts” endpoint. The intention was to provide some common contact fields but not too much data. If you need to get additional fields you could directly query the contact using this endpoint. However I will provide this feedback to our Product Manager for consideration.

@Nathan_Call, I’ve talked through this with the team and we are going to uphold the policy of providing minimal information through the “List Tagged Contacts” endpoint. This endpoint is designed strategically to provide only the information necessary to initiate another deeper query as recommended by Nicholas.

I appreciate your understanding.

@Nicholas_Trecina, @Brad_Hartwig Thank you guys for the reply. So I tried a different method now of retrieving all contacts (so I can get contacts phone numbers). Saw that it has a tag_ids array and thought I would be able to filter using those through my app but every tag_ids array comes back blank. When I hit the “Retrieve a contact” endpoint, the tag_ids field does show the tag ids…

Will this issue be addressed? Is there a way I can get back both ALL contacts and their TAGIDS at the same time? Thanks again~

When retrieving a list of contacts we intentionally leave the tag_ids as an empty array for performance reasons. Otherwise, the response could potentially become very large in cases where there are hundreds of contacts each with a large number of tag_ids. In the future we may look into hiding this property to reduce confusion.

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I vote for hiding the tagId if you’re not providing it. The way it is currently implemented is confusing and could be construed as meaning there are no tag ids for this contact - it requires special knowledge of special circumstance.