Tag IDs missing when searching for contact by email via REST API

If I call /crm/rest/v1/contacts?email=john.doe@example.com, the tag_ids array is empty. If I find that contact by ID via the /contacts/64 route, the array is populated.

I need to find contacts by an email address and get all fields back, so I’m setting the “optional_properties” and declaring the same values via “find by email” and “by id”. The two responses are identical except for the tag IDs.

Is this a bug or is there a parameter I need to declare to get them back?

Right now we intentionally return the tag_ids as an empty array from the /contacts endpoint. Otherwise, the response could potentially become excessively large, especially if the query returns hundreds of contacts and those contacts all have a large number of tag_ids. In the future we will look into hiding this property to reduce confusion.

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