Manipulation of Tags through the API

I’m curious, can someone point me to the reading on what can be done to Tags outside of Infusionsoft?
I realize that they can be added and removed from records. I think they can be added as new tags and categories although this I’m not sure of.

I ask because I need to understand what I can “have done” with them. I’m not quite ready to brainstorm and implement but I know what I want to have done. My programmer is able to do what ever it is I need done but I want to learn what CAN be done so I know what I can ask for and come up with idea wise.


We actually just completed some work on tag management REST endpoints; capability for adding categories and related tags went out with our release on Tuesday. The API documentation should be updated within the next day or so to help guide you through it.

– Tom

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The docs have been updated as of this morning.!/Tags/listTagsUsingGET

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Not knowing what api version or implementation you are using, the current api has a few methods for access but the real flexibility will be with the search/data objects that allow access to fields for tags/categories through the tables which are described here: Table Schema Documentation - Keap Developer Portal.

If you are using REST, then you will be much more limited until they give the same functionality to that implementation.