How to fix Multiple Lead Source with Clickfunnels

How do I solve this issue with clickfunnels?

Hi Marcin,

Some of our community members may have some more insight into some possibilities on the Clickfunnes side, but I personally never realized clickfunnels had different variants of their leadsource…

But I wanted to kick off with atleast a couple ideas…

The form you show in your video, is that form specifically for people that are coming through clickfunnels, because if this was the case, you could manually set the leadsource field in the hidden field, or via a campaign ‘Set Field Value’ process. I am assuming that the hidden field is capturing other possible leadsources though.

Another idea.

This would call for a small secondary piece of the campaign, but if a leadsource is set, if a contact could then hit a decision diamond, you could create a small “reset leadsource” process with a decision diamond, to direct contacts who have specific leadsources into a sequence to “set field value” of the leadsource, to overwrite it. This would call for needing to know all the different clickfunnel leadsource variants though.

Again, some of our other community members may have some insight into things that you can do on the clickfunnels side, but I atleast wanted to try to share a couple ideas.